Tantric Massage in Charing Cross, London

Enter the heart of Charing Cross, where Lux Tantric stands as a beacon of opulence, sensuality, and serenity—a mere stone’s throw from Charing Cross Station. Here, we offer more than just an escape from the urban frenzy; we provide a sanctuary of peace.

Tantric massage, steeped in ancient wisdom, is not merely a practice but a profound journey of the mind, body, and spirit. It invites you to transcend the every day, fostering a deep sense of awareness and inner peace.

The Charing Cross Tantric Experience

Discover Lux Tantric Charing Cross, where we elevate the art of tantric massage to new heights. Here, ancient massage techniques blend seamlessly with the thrill of sensual touch, offering an experience that is both healing and intensely pleasurable.

Every session is a masterfully orchestrated blend of touch, aromas, and energy designed to transport you to worlds of both healing and ecstasy. We pride ourselves on discretion; your secrets remain confidential, your identity protected, and your deepest desires fully embraced.

From the moment you enter our doors, you leave the chaos of the outside world behind. Enter a world of peace and opulence. Our luxurious setting, with its soft lighting and soothing music, prepares you for the exquisite journey of touch and sensation that awaits.

Proficiency of Our Esteemed Masseuses

At the core of Lux Tantric in Charing Cross, the jewel in our crown is our masseuses. They embody unmatched skill and dedication, turning every session into an unparalleled experience of touch, sensation, and deep relaxation.

Our therapists aren’t just trained; they’re sculpted through intense immersion in the ancient art of tantric massage, mastering more than just techniques.

Their instinctive understanding of the body and inherent sensuality perfectly harmonise the client’s desires and rhythms, ensuring a profoundly resonant experience.

However, the essence of our service isn’t merely in the skill but in the passion, commitment, and pursuit of excellence. Our masseuses recognise that every client is a unique world, with their own needs, wants, and limits.

Sensual Portfolio at Tantric London in Charing Cross

Discover the opportunity to elevate your career at Lux Tantric in Charing Cross, where the ancient art of touch is celebrated in its most refined form.

Our celebrated Tantric massage embodies the perfect symphony of traditional techniques and erotic touch, crafting a sensory journey that balances healing with exhilaration. Here, expertise will be valued and enriched as you partake in this harmonious dance of the senses.

Venture beyond the conventional with our exotic Nuru massage, creating unforgettable experiences heightened by special glistening gel. This is an invitation to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, touching lives in the most profound ways.

We also offer specialised sessions for our male clientele, including Lingham and Prostate massages, where your therapeutic touch will explore zones of intense pleasure, creating transformative experiences that are both intimate and healing.

The Aqua massage is your canvas to create an immersive indulgence, using water as a conduit for relaxation. This is where we can truly shine, providing a multi-sensory experience that envelops the client in warmth and serenity.

Our four-hands massage requires the utmost synchronicity and teamwork. It presents an opportunity to work alongside another therapist to double the pleasure for our clients. It’s a testament to skill, precision, and the luxury of touch.

Couples massages offer the unique chance to facilitate deeper connections between partners, making you the architect of their shared sensory journey. This is where you can truly make a difference, guiding them towards mutual euphoria.

The Body-to-body and Yoni massages are our promise to clients for a tantalising and deeply relaxing experience. Here, your skills in creating a rhythm of pleasure through touch are paramount, offering a breath-taking and healing experience.

Navigating to Tantric London in Charing Cross

Lux Tantric in Charing Cross boasts an enviable location, offering effortless access for our valued guests. Ensuring your journey is as serene as your experience with us, we’ve provided this detailed guide:

  • Underground Connectivity: Charing Cross Station is the most straightforward route to our oasis, directly accessible via the Northern and Bakerloo lines. Nearby Stations: Embankment (Circle, District, Northern, and Bakerloo lines) and Leicester Square (Northern and Piccadilly lines) are both a brief walk away, offering alternate tube options.
  • Bus Routes: Frequent services ensure that reaching us by bus is a convenient option. Routes such as the 6, 9, 11, 15, and 23 buses have stops close to our location.
  • Car Park Recommendations: Charing Cross Masterpark: Nestled just off Northumberland Avenue, this is a reliable choice for those driving. Q-Park Trafalgar: Situated slightly further on Spring Gardens, it’s a solid option for guests who don’t mind a scenic short stroll to our venue.

Accommodation in Charing Cross

For those contemplating an extended visit and seeking accommodations imbued with luxury and comfort, a selection of eminent hotels near Charing Cross offers exquisite stays, allowing you to prolong your serene indulgence.

  • The Royal Horseguards: A pinnacle of regal elegance, The Royal Horseguards, located at 2 Whitehall Court, is a sanctuary of sophistication and luxury. Guests are treated to opulent rooms, a gourmet dining experience, and breathtaking views of iconic landmarks.
  • The Trafalgar St. James London: Positioned at 2 Spring Gardens, Trafalgar Square, The Trafalgar St. James London is a fusion of modern chic and timeless elegance. The hotel offers a plush stay with its well-appointed rooms, refined dining, and a rooftop bar providing panoramic vistas of the city.
  • Corinthia London: Residing at Whitehall Place, Corinthia London symbolises unparalleled luxury and exquisite refinement. This hotel promises a sumptuous stay with its renowned spa, high-end dining, and unparalleled service, providing a lavish backdrop for relaxation.

Incall & Outcall Massages in Charing Cross

At Lux Tantric Charing Cross, we believe in tailoring our services to the unique preferences of our esteemed clientele, offering both Incall and Outcall massage experiences for optimal convenience.


Our Incall services invite you into an upscale apartment sanctuary in the heart of Charing Cross—a tranquil haven meticulously designed to set the tone for your journey of relaxation and sensuous exploration.


If the comfort of your own space is what you seek, our Outcall massage service embodies the pinnacle of indulgence, delivered straight to your door. Our expert masseuses bring everything needed to make your home a haven of tranquillity.

We prioritise your discretion and professionalism, ensuring that your Outcall experience is not just about unparalleled relaxation but also about maintaining your privacy.

Securing Your Lux Tantric Charing Cross Massage

Beginning a journey with Lux Tantric Charing Cross transcends mere physical relaxation—it symbolises a deep connection to a world of unparalleled pleasure and heightened self-awareness.

Every touch and every movement is meticulously designed to unlock sensations previously unknown, leading you to a haven of serenity that remains largely uncharted.

In an incessant world, the luxury of supreme relaxation is not just a desire, but a necessity. We extend a warm invitation for you to claim your space within our opulent sanctuary, and immerse yourself in the extraordinary enchantment that awaits.

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