Lux Tantric presents an exquisite collection of sensual and erotic tantric massages, meticulously crafted and flawlessly delivered by our team of highly trained and experienced masseuses. Discover our captivating range of offerings here and indulge in a world of sublime pleasure and relaxation.

Experience pure indulgence at Lux Tantric. To secure your session, give us a call or text us at 07549 327 980. Expect a prompt response to confirm your reservation. Whether you desire an erotic, sensual, or tantric massage, we’ve got you covered. Prepare to be captivated by ultimate bliss.

Our masseuses possess a range of qualifications, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. Discover more about their exceptional skills and the diverse types of massage they offer by exploring their captivating profiles.

Take a moment to delve into their profile descriptions and detailed stats further down the page, where you’ll find a wealth of enticing information.

Absolutely. At Lux Tantric, we guarantee complete confidentiality with all our services. We deeply value the privacy and comfort of our clients, ensuring utmost care and discretion throughout every massage session. Rest assured, your experience with us will be an exclusive one.

Our diverse range of services is priced based on the expertise of our masseuses and the specific type of massage you choose. Starting at just £200 per hour, our prices reflect the exceptional quality and personalized experience we offer.

For certain specialized massages like prostate and Nuru, a nominal fee of £50-£100 applies, ensuring an unforgettable and indulgent experience.

Absolutely! You have the freedom to select your preferred masseuse. However, Lux Tantric masseuses are highly sought after, and their schedules fill up rapidly.

To ensure you secure your desired masseuse, we urge you to make your booking well in advance. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.

During your first visit, rest assured that the masseuse you meet will be the exact stunning individual you selected from the captivating photo or enticing video.

Experience a warm and personalized consultation, where she will attentively address any queries or concerns you may have. Once both parties are at ease and ready to proceed, a refreshing shower is mandatory to ensure impeccable hygiene before indulging in the ultimate massage experience.

We pride ourselves on our flexible cancellation policy. Feel free to cancel your session at any time before it begins without any concerns about fees.

However, once your masseuse has arrived or your session has started, a nominal fee of £100 applies for cancellations. Thank you for understanding, and we look forward to serving you!

Our business operates every day, Monday through Sunday, from 9 am to 1 am. Should you desire a tantric massage outside these hours, we are more than happy to accommodate your request with prior notice. We highly recommend booking at least one hour ahead of your desired time to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Absolutely. Lux Tantric proudly offers both in-call and out-call services. We are delighted to bring our exceptional services to the comfort of your apartment or hotel room, ensuring a truly enjoyable experience.

On the other hand, we also extend a warm invitation to our tranquil and private spaces, where you can indulge in pure relaxation. It’s important to note that not all of our talented masseuses provide both services, so please refer to their individual profiles for more information

Discover the subtle nuances among our exquisite tantric massage options at Lux Tantric. Let us guide you in finding the perfect one for you:

Tantric Massage: Immerse yourself in an all-encompassing experience that harmonizes the physical and spiritual realms, leaving you deeply relaxed.

Tantric Aqua Massage: Indulge in the ultimate fusion of water-based therapy and tantric techniques, offering a unique and soothing escape like no other.

Tantric Deep Tissue: Unleash the power of an intensified massage, targeting your deepest muscle layers while integrating tantric principles for a truly profound effect.

Tantric Couples Massage: Embark on a shared journey of blissful relaxation as tantric elements enhance your intimacy and deepen your connection.

Tantric Women’s (Yoni) Massage: Experience a specialized massage designed exclusively for women, focusing on intimate tantric techniques that empower and rejuvenate.

Nuru Massage: Surrender to the sensual allure of a body-to-body massage, as Nuru gel infused with tantric practices creates an intimate and unforgettable encounter.

To maximize your session experience, proactively plan your journey in advance. By doing so, you guarantee punctuality and the ability to fully immerse yourself in the session.

Additionally, familiarize yourself with the expected hygiene measures and requirements before your arrival, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Yes, there is an age restriction. To ensure the best experience for all our valued clients, we kindly request that only individuals aged 18 and above make bookings for our exceptional services. Your age will be verified upon request to guarantee a seamless and enjoyable massage session.

Our services are tailored to meet the desires of both gentlemen and ladies. We warmly invite everyone to indulge in the exquisite sensations of tantric massage.

When you choose to book with us, we’ll present you with a curated selection of skilled masseuses who are dedicated to fulfilling your specific preferences and desires.

Our services offer a range of experiences, from therapeutic to sensual – the choice is yours. During the consultation, openly express your preference to your masseuse, whether you desire a more sensual or therapeutic massage. This dedicated time allows for such discussions, ensuring your experience is tailored to your desires.

At Lux Tantric, we prioritize your safety and well-being with stringent hygiene measures. Maintaining excellent hygiene is crucial for both you and your masseuse. We kindly request that you indulge in a refreshing shower just before your tantric massage.

For incall appointments, it is mandatory to shower at our premises before the massage, and optional afterwards. Rest assured, we provide fresh, sanitized towels and toiletries in all of our deluxe bathrooms.

If you prefer an outcall massage, we kindly ask that you offer your tantric therapist the opportunity to use your bathroom facilities before and after the session for their comfort and convenience.

Yes, you can treat yourselves to an extraordinary couples massage session. Our superb experience is sensually intimate, igniting a journey of self-discovery and connection. Explore new sensations and deepen your bond.

We gladly accept various payment methods to accommodate your preferences. Cash transactions, bank transfers, and card payments are all welcome, and we kindly request that payment be settled in full at the beginning of your appointment. We do not accept cheques.

Rest assured that your payment directly goes to your masseuse after the consultation. We take pride in operating with utmost transparency, avoiding any deceptive tactics. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to provide you with an exceptional experience.

Absolutely! You have the power to request a specific type of massage or customize your experience. It’s important to communicate your preferences before your session begins.

During the consultation period, you and your masseuse can establish boundaries and set expectations, ensuring a truly tailored and satisfying massage

If you have a medical condition, the suitability of a massage depends on your specific medical condition. However, rest assured that our expert therapists are trained to handle various medical concerns.

Before booking an appointment, we recommend consulting your doctor for advice on whether a massage is safe for you.

We provide a comprehensive consultation prior to the session, ensuring you receive expert guidance every step of the way. Moreover, our masseuse profiles offer valuable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions and gain a deeper understanding of the process.

To enhance your experience, we highly encourage you to share your valuable feedback with the receptionist who assisted you in booking your appointment. Your input is greatly appreciated and will help us serve you better in the future.

Discover our prime location in the heart of London, England. Our talented masseuses operate from multiple central London venues. For precise details on a masseuse’s whereabouts, simply refer to her captivating profile on our website.

Discover the captivating masseuses of Lux Tantric on our website’s Masseuses page. Feast your eyes on a mesmerizing collection of photos and videos showcasing their exquisite allure and irresistible charm. Indulge in a complete list of our current girls, along with their enchanting specialities and enticing rates.

To uncover the exquisite offerings of our services, delve into the enticing world of our massage services by exploring the page that piques your interest. Our receptionists are at your beck and call, just a phone call away, eagerly waiting to provide any additional information you may desire.

Experience the transformative power of tantric massage, a profound journey that awakens and channels your energy, unlocking your innate sexual prowess.

Indulge in the intimate and captivating art of full-body massage, where every touch ignites a sense of deep connection and pleasure. Discover the boundless possibilities of this enchanting practice.

Experience the ultimate pleasure with a tantric massage’s blissful conclusion. A happy ending is an intimate connection that brings satisfaction. Discuss this delightful option with your masseuse beforehand to ensure a truly fulfilling session.

Absolutely! We offer a minimum duration of one hour for our sessions, ensuring a truly immersive experience. While shorter sessions are not available, you have the freedom to indulge in a longer session and delight in the exquisite touch of our skilled masseuses.

There is no upper limit on the length of your massage, allowing you to savour hours of pure bliss. Book now, and let us transport you to a world of sensual pleasure.

Experience the exquisite sensation of a Nuru massage – a sensuous body-to-body technique that utilizes a special, slippery gel derived from seaweed. Indulge in an intimate and highly tactile encounter that will leave you craving for more.

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic bliss of an Aqua massage. Feel the gentle caress of water jets as they massage your body while you recline on a waterproof bed or pad. Combining the soothing effects of water with the transformative power of massage, this is an experience that will rejuvenate your senses.

Discover the incredible pleasure and potential health benefits of a Prostate massage. With gentle stimulation of the prostate gland, unlock relaxation and enhance your sexual gratification. Explore the depths of pleasure and experience a newfound level of satisfaction.

At Lux Tantric, our masseuses are dedicated to providing exceptional massage services. We want to clarify that our focus is solely on delivering a professional and therapeutic experience. We do not offer any additional services, such as sexual activities, as part of our offerings.

Please understand that any personal interactions between our clients and masseuses, as consenting adults, are completely separate from our business and are not affiliated with our services in any way. Our commitment is to maintain a safe and respectful environment for everyone.

Experience the unparalleled pleasure of a mutual massage, where you and your masseuse can indulge in a captivating exchange of touch. Discover the intimate connection that comes from stimulating each other’s senses.

Remember, while this massage offers a truly unique experience, it’s important to honour and respect the boundaries set by your skilled masseuse

Experience the unparalleled difference between a regular massage and the extraordinary offerings of Lux Tantric. Our intimate and sensual massages not only engage your body but also harness your sexual energy, creating a truly transformative experience.

Prepare for a level of intimacy beyond your expectations, fostering a profound connection between you and your highly skilled masseuse.

Experience the unparalleled difference between a regular massage and the extraordinary offerings of Lux Tantric. Our intimate and sensual massages not only engage your body but also harness your sexual energy, creating a truly transformative experience.

Prepare for a level of intimacy beyond your expectations, fostering a profound connection between you and your highly skilled masseuse.

Lux Tantric does not offer walk-in appointments. To ensure the best experience, all massage sessions must be booked at least one hour before your desired time. Plan ahead and secure your preferred masseuse by booking in advance. Don’t miss out on the ultimate indulgence!

Yes. During your massage, our masseuse will be in the nude, ensuring a truly immersive and liberating experience. However, if you prefer a clothed massage, you have the option to request it. We aim to provide the utmost comfort and tailor the experience to your preferences.

Yes. During your massage, our masseuse will be in the nude, ensuring a truly immersive and liberating experience. However, if you prefer a clothed massage, you have the option to request it. We aim to provide the utmost comfort and tailor the experience to your preferences.

When you book an outcall massage session, the taxi fare is indeed part of the overall price. It’s a small investment that ensures the convenience of having the massage therapist come to you.

Similarly, if you choose to travel for an incall massage using a taxi service, you’ll be responsible for covering your own taxi fare

If the masseuse you’ve booked doesn’t meet your expectations, you always have the freedom to leave before the massage begins. We prioritize your comfort and satisfaction, and we would never want to charge you for an experience that doesn’t make you feel at ease.

When it comes to tantric massage bookings, the choice is yours. Whether you prefer an hour-long session or desire more time to indulge, the duration is entirely up to you. There’s no upper limit, so feel free to extend your appointment based on your personal preference.

At Lux Tantric, our masseuses are truly authentic. We take pride in having the most stunning masseuses in London, and that’s why we showcase their videos. While photos can be edited and manipulated, videos provide an honest representation.

Rest assured, we insist that our masseuses appear in genuine videos, ensuring that the person you choose will be the one who greets you for your appointment.

We meticulously conduct in-person interviews and provide one-on-one training to all our candidates before featuring them on our site. This guarantees that our masseuses are among the absolute best in London.

Your booking encompasses the skilled masseuse, impeccable service, and the precise time as specified. Any additional activities mutually agreed upon by consenting adults that occur during your session but are not explicitly outlined in your booking fall beyond the purview of our agreement.

At Lux Tantric, we take great pride in our meticulous selection process when adding new Masseuses to our team. We have incredibly high standards and never settle for anything less. Rest assured, our dedication to quality ensures that every member of our team is exceptional.

While this means there might be occasional slower periods in recruiting new masseuses, it also guarantees an unparalleled experience for our valued clients.

Yes. Tantric massage is completely legal in the UK, encompassing services that include a delightful happy ending and other similar offerings.

Only one hour of notice is needed if the masseuse is available and ready to take your booking. Yet, during busy periods, slots may be limited or unavailable. To secure your spot, we highly recommend booking in advance.

Tipping your Lux Tantric masseuse is not mandatory, but it’s an exceptional opportunity to express your gratitude for the exceptional services provided to you. Join us in embracing the satisfaction of appreciating and rewarding the skillful hands that elevate your experience.

You can absolutely re-book the same Lux Tantric masseuse! We understand the significance of that personal connection during your tantric massage.

That’s why all of our skilled masseuses are available for rebooking. However, we highly recommend securing your favourite girl by making an advanced booking

We kindly request that you refrain from initiating any form of intimate touching with your masseuse during your massage without her explicit consent.

Each masseuse has her own unique boundaries, and we highly encourage open communication to establish mutual respect, transparency, and clarity prior to the start of your session. This ensures a truly respectful and enjoyable experience for both parties involved.