Lux Tantric Fulham - Unlock Your Sensual Journey

Enter Lux Tantric in Fulham, your oasis of tranquillity where opulence and peace blend seamlessly in London’s vibrant heart. Crafted for those eager to explore the mystical world of tantric massage, our premium setting promises an experience beyond the ordinary.

Experience sessions that awaken your senses and evoke profound emotions, leading you to discover peace and self-awareness like never before.

Tucked away in the quiet corners of Fulham, our studio is a haven of privacy and comfort, setting the stage for a second-to-none relaxation journey. Seize the chance to reconnect with your deepest desires and unlock a state of sublime tranquillity.

The Signature Fulham Lux Tantric Experience

Enjoy the Signature Lux Tantric Experience and let the lines between therapeutic touch and sensual exploration melt into an exhilarating symphony of delight and profound self-discovery.

With our seasoned masseuses at the helm, begin a voyage not just of physical ease but a deep dive into your most intimate desires.

Each session unfolds like a beautifully orchestrated dance of gentle caresses and intuitive strokes crafted to stir and ignite your senses, guiding you on a thrilling journey of erotic enlightenment and emotional release.

At the core of what we do is a deep-seated respect for your privacy and discretion. Recognising the deeply personal essence of tantric massage, we maintain the strictest confidentiality standards, ensuring your journey with us remains your exclusive haven.

Mastery of Our Expert Masseuses

Explore the heart of our Tantric Massage in Fulham, where the magic of our expert masseuses unfolds. Their skills, fiery passion and unwavering dedication to the tantric arts set them apart.

They don’t just perform; they enchant, offering more than skill – a soul-touching devotion to excellence. Every session with us is a journey carefully designed to meet and soar beyond your wildest dreams and desires, ensuring a voyage of discovery you’ll never forget.

Our masseuses don’t just use their hands; they use their hearts, creating a tailored experience that sings to your soul and dances with your senses. Their profound expertise transforms every touch into a deeply personal conversation, awakening a new world of sensations.

Explore Our Sensual Offerings

Enter the world of Lux Tantric Fulham and begin an exhilarating journey of sensual discovery. Our menu of tantric delights is a celebration of desire’s diversity and each individual’s unique path.

Imagine the bliss of a classic Tantric massage, merging the spiritual with the sensual or the exotic thrill of Nuru massage, where skin-on-skin sliding elevates pleasure to dizzying heights.

Our carefully curated experiences are crafted to thrill and soothe, offering an unforgettable escape into euphoria. We’ve designed exclusive massages that cater to a broad range of desires, ensuring your visit is as distinctive as yours.

Relish the focused pleasure of Lingham and Prostate massages, celebrate feminine power with the Yoni massage, or connect on a deeper level with our Couples massage, designed to bring partners closer in a dance of sensuality and intimacy.

Crave something different? Our Aqua massage envelops you in the calming embrace of water, while our Body to Body massage brings the electrifying closeness of a masseuse’s touch.

For those who desire the ultimate in indulgence, our 4 Hands massage offers double the sensations, with two therapists moving in perfect harmony.

At Lux Tantric Fulham, each service opens the door to profound sensations, deep relaxation, and personal exploration. Let us lead you down the path of pleasure to discover the experience that speaks to your soul and fulfils your deepest yearnings.

Effortless Journey to Lux Tantric Fulham

We’ve got all your transport needs sorted, ensuring you glide into relaxation mode from the moment you set out to join us. Here’s your easy guide to finding your way to our peaceful sanctuary:

  • Underground: Experience the ease of the London Underground. Catch a ride to Fulham Broadway on the District Line, and you’re on a direct path to our serene retreat.
  • Bus: With a plethora of bus routes criss-crossing the Fulham area, your journey here will be as smooth as silk. Key lines like the 14, 414, and 211 drop you just a short stroll away, making your arrival as breezy as a day of relaxation, we promise.
  • Driving: We’ve got you covered. Surrounding streets offer pay-and-display parking, and several car parks nearby mean you can securely stash your car and enter a world of calm.

Nearby Accommodations in Fulham

Thinking of spending the night in Fulham? Check out our handpicked list of nearby places to stay! From luxurious to budget-friendly options, everything’s conveniently close to Lux Tantric for a hassle-free visit.

  • Hotel Ibis London Earls Court: Experience the perfect blend of affordability and modern comfort at this exceptional hotel. With contemporary rooms and a round-the-clock reception, we guarantee a stay that is nothing short of delightful.
  • Millennium & Copthorne Hotels at Chelsea Football Club: Experience an extraordinary stay for football enthusiasts at these exclusive hotels nestled within the iconic home grounds of Chelsea Football Club.
  • Holiday Inn Express Earls Court: This hotel is the perfect choice for both business and leisure travellers. Immerse yourself in the comfort of our clean and cosy rooms, complete with a delicious breakfast included in the room rate.
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London – Chelsea: Experience a refined choice for those seeking luxury. This exceptional hotel offers expansive, contemporary rooms and a charming on-site restaurant for you to indulge in after a delightful massage session.

Incall & Outcall Massage Services

Welcome to our serene oasis. Enjoy a session where you’re not just unwinding but also experiencing total body, mind, and spirit rejuvenation. Get ready to be wrapped in the ultimate tranquillity and indulgence. It’s more than relaxation; it’s a transformative journey.


Enter the heart of Fulham and discover our incall massage services, where tranquillity meets luxury in perfect harmony. Here, we’ve created a serene sanctuary that wraps you in opulent comfort when you walk through our doors.

Every corner of our space is a carefully crafted haven, designed with your ultimate relaxation and well-being in mind. Let us transport you to a world where each detail is thoughtfully curated to soothe your senses and rejuvenate your spirit.


Experience the ultimate relaxation without stepping out of your comfort zone. Our personalised outcall massage services bring the bespoke serenity of our Fulham sanctuary right to your doorstep – be it your cosy hotel room or your private residence.

Tailored precisely to fit your unique needs and surroundings, we promise the same level of luxury, privacy, and comfort you’d find in our studio, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Booking Your Path to Serenity

Enter a world of serenity and indulge in an unforgettable escape to tranquillity and sensual pleasure with us. Your journey to ultimate relaxation starts with just a simple reservation.

We’ve made getting in touch and booking your blissful escape as easy and seamless as the serene experience awaits you. Choose the luxury of our incall service or the personalised convenience of our outcall services. Either way, your path to blissful relaxation is just a booking away.

Types of Body To Body & Tantric Massage we offer


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