Lux Tantric Victoria - Discover Sensual Bliss

Enter the city’s heart and discover a calm sanctuary at Lux Tantric Victoria. Here, an oasis inspired by the ancient secrets of tantric traditions awaits you.

Explore the deep, sensual world of tantric massage. Each caress, a tribute to a timeless art, stirs long-slumbering sensations, inviting you to drift into bliss, reconnect with your senses, and rejuvenate your spirit as you explore the realms of pleasure anew.

Our location is nestled in the prestigious Kensington and promises an effortless escape to luxury and peace. But it’s more than just a place—an invitation to a luxurious retreat where serenity and indulgence intertwine.

The Unique Sensations Offered by Lux Tantric

Explore a world where therapeutic mastery meets sensual allure. At Lux Tantric Victoria, we have intricately woven the finesse of age-old therapeutic techniques with the intoxicating charm of erotic enchantment.

The result? A transcendent experience that dances on the edge of pure relaxation and passionate awakening.

Our sessions are more than just massages; they’re tailor-made voyages charted uniquely for you. As our skilled therapists lay their hands on you, expect every touch to be attuned to your desires, each stroke meant to take you deeper into a world of sensual discovery.

But amidst this exploration of sensations, we hold one principle paramount: your privacy. Our commitment to discretion is unwavering. Here, you are assured an unforgettable journey and the peace of mind that comes with complete confidentiality.

The Mastery of Our Renowned Masseuses

At the heart of Lux Tantric, magic happens in the hands of our extraordinary masseuses. They’re not just the backbone of our success—they’re artists, blending skill, passion, and an uncanny ability to tap into your deepest desires.

Our masseuses are more than skilled; they’re masters of the ancient art of tantric massage, transforming each session into a journey from therapeutic relief to euphoric bliss, mingling the two into an unforgettable experience.

Through years of dedication, they’ve mastered tantric practices, creating experiences beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Their touch is not just personal—it’s transformative. As they tune into your body’s rhythms, they evoke waves of relaxation that wash over you.

Our Diverse Sensual Services at Lux Tantric

Welcome to the heart of Victoria, where Lux Tantric lights up the sensory skyline. Step into our sanctuary, a paradise where your deepest desires don’t just come to life; they soar, wrapped in a profound passion, that touches your very soul.

Explore our Signature Tantric Massage, a masterpiece of touch. It’s where therapeutic mastery meets a seductive caress, blending into a crescendo of pleasure and relief. It’s more than a massage; it’s a journey where every stroke sings to your soul, promising euphoria.

Our Nuru Massage is your passage to thrill. It’s an electrifying body-to-body glide powered by special gels that promise closeness and intimacy that spark every nerve into excited anticipation.

To our esteemed gentlemen, explore the realms of pleasure with our Lingham and Prostate massages. These are not just treatments but explorations of joy, unlocking a trove of satisfaction.

Experience the magic of water with our Aqua Massage. Immerse yourself in warm, comforting waters, enhanced by the skilled touch of our masseuses. It’s relaxation, redefined.

Double the pleasure with our 4 Hands Massage. Picture this: two masseuses, their movements in perfect sync, crafting a symphony of touch that’s simply otherworldly.

Couples, step closer. Our Couples Massage is your gateway to renewed intimacy. It’s a dance of touch between partners, where every caress deepens your connection, igniting flames of passion anew.

Feel the pulse of pure energy with our Body-to-Body Massage. It’s an intimate encounter, a moment when two become one in a seamless flow of exhilaration.

For our goddesses walking in, the Yoni Massage awaits. It’s an homage to feminine power, a touch that rejuvenates, invigorates, and invites you to a realm of serene pleasure.

Arriving at Lux Tantric Victoria

Making your journey to our tranquil haven in Victoria is an effortless experience, especially with the many transport options right at your doorstep.

  • Underground: Our establishment is just a stone’s throw away from the “Victoria” and “Sloane Square” tube stations, ensuring you’re only minutes away from unparalleled relaxation.
  • Bus: Hop on any of the frequent services like the 52, C1, or 11 routes, all of which have stops conveniently located near our location.
  • Driving: For those driving in, “Victoria Station Car Park” and “NCP Car Park London Knightsbridge” are nearby parking facilities offering ample spaces. They ensure you can safely leave your vehicle and transition into a world of serenity.

Nearby Hotels

For those considering an extended stay, here’s an overview of the nearby hotels to ensure a comfortable and unforgettable experience:

  • Premier Inn London Victoria: Right at the heart of the action and a stone’s throw from Victoria Station, the Premier Inn is where comfort meets convenience. Whether you’re here with family, flying solo, or on business, you’re in for a treat with their famously warm service.
  • The Goring: Tucked away in the chic Belgravia area, The Goring is the epitome of classic British elegance. It’s a beacon of luxury in London, having hosted royalty and distinguished guests for more than 100 years.
  • The Z Hotel Victoria: Tucked away in the lively core of Victoria, The Z Hotel unveils a unique idea: compact luxury at its finest. Perfectly crafted for today’s adventurer, it blends sleek, modern design with all the must-have comforts.
  • The Resident Victoria: Tucked away just a stone’s throw from the lively Victoria Street, The Resident Victoria offers a uniquely intimate and customised stay. Imagine rooms equipped with kitchenettes and service that feels more like your own personal concierge.

Incall & Outcall Massage

Understanding that each guest’s unique needs and desires, we’ve crafted two distinct experiences to cater to every whim.


Our Incall Massage invites you into a world of serenity within our lavishly designed apartments in Victoria. Here, every corner, every scent, and every touch is designed to transport you to a state of blissful relaxation.


However, if the comfort of familiar surroundings beckons, our Outcall Massage extends the luxury of our services right to your doorstep. Our skilled therapists are prepared to bring Victoria’s unique sensual journey to you.

Scheduling Your Tantric Massage Experience

Enter a world where your senses are elevated to new heights, and a realm of unmatched sensual pleasure is at your fingertips.

At Lux Tantric Victoria, we craft each encounter to be an intoxicating blend of touch, emotion, and connection, making each session a key to a door you’ve always wanted to open.

Don’t just dream about it—reach out and touch the possibility. Let us tailor a meeting that goes beyond your wildest dreams. Your journey into the seductive embrace of tantric magic is just one call away. Step forward and transform desire into reality.

Types of Body To Body & Tantric Massage we offer