Tantric Massage in Notting Hill, Kensington & Chelsea

Lux Tantric Notting Hill is your serene escape from the city’s frenzy. Experience the extraordinary art of sensual massage, where lavish indulgence meets expert care. Our custom massages awaken your senses, deepen emotional connections, and usher in a state of bliss.

Treat yourself to unparalleled pampering in our discreet sanctuary near Notting Hill Gate. Begin a journey of relaxation and self-exploration in a space designed solely for you. Discover the transformative power of touch at Lux Tantric Notting Hill and let it redefine your sense of well-being.

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The Unique Experience Offered by Lux Tantric

Start an unparalleled journey at Lux Tantric Notting Hill, where the magic of healing touch merges with the thrill of sensual exploration.

Our sessions are more than just massages – they’re personalized adventures, carefully curated with skill and attention to detail, designed to transport you to a world of ecstatic discovery.

Feel the deliberate touch of our expert therapists, each movement crafted to ignite your senses and escort you to a paradise of pleasure yet to be explored. We uphold the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality, making your experience with us intimate and profoundly significant.

The Expertise of Our Skilled Masseuses

Enter Lux Tantric Notting Hill, where exceptional service isn’t just promised—it’s delivered with the unparalleled skill of our talented masseurs and masseuses.

Imagine being in the hands of a true master of sensual tantric massage, someone who has honed their art through intense dedication to ancient techniques. Their touch transcends mere physical contact; it speaks the body’s own language of pleasure and relaxation.

Our therapists offer more than just technique; they possess an intuitive touch that knows exactly what you need, creating a bespoke experience just for you.

With us, every session is a unique journey, a blend of expert skill and deep intuition, guiding you towards profound relaxation and rejuvenation. Explore a world where every moment is tailored to your deepest desires and needs.

Our Array of Sensual Offerings

Enter the tranquil world of Lux Tantric Notting Hill, where a treasure trove of sensual delights awaits you. Here, we celebrate the transformative power of touch, unveiling an array of paths to ecstasy and pleasure beyond your imagination.

Discover a haven where each experience is crafted precisely, designed to cater to your deepest desires and preferences, making every visit a unique and soul-stirring journey.

This isn’t just a massage; it’s a sensory expedition, a dance of therapeutic caresses and sensual exploration that nurtures your body and ignites your deepest yearnings, crafting a perfect harmony of relaxation and arousal.

Imagine a journey beyond the ordinary with our special gel, elevating the body-to-body massage to new heights of intimacy and delight—a tactile odyssey so personal and unmatched in pleasure.

For our male guests, we offer an exclusive selection of massages like the Lingham and Prostate massages, each a unique voyage into pleasure and intimacy, unlocking realms of sensation and bliss.

Enter the enveloping warmth of our Aqua massage. Set in water, this immersive experience amplifies every touch, wrapping you in a cocoon of serenity for a profoundly relaxing journey.

Experience the ultimate symphony of sensations with our Four Hands massage, where two masseuses in perfect harmony promise a cascade of tactile pleasure that will leave you utterly revitalized.

Begin a sensual adventure with our Couples massage. Designed to deepen connections, it explores touch between partners, creating a shared experience of pleasure and a stronger bond.

Elevate your senses with our Body-to-body massage, where the thrilling sensation of skin against skin, guided by expert hands, delivers an intensely erotic and deeply satisfying experience.

And for our female clients, the Yoni massage offers a journey of relaxation, healing, and awakening. This gentle exploration invites self-discovery and emotional liberation, opening doors to new levels of sensual awareness.

Getting to Lux Tantric Notting Hill

Reaching Lux Tantric Notting Hill is easy and perfectly situated for your convenience with a plethora of transport options at your doorstep. Here’s your effortless guide to finding our peaceful haven:

  • Underground: Just a leisurely walk from Notting Hill Gate station, where the Central, Circle, and District lines converge, making it a breeze to zip across London directly to us.
  • Bus: Hop on a bus and glide through the city with ease. Key routes like 94, 148, 390, among others, drop you right into the vibrant heart of Notting Hill, steps away from our door.
  • Driving: Choose from several nearby car parks, such as Notting Hill Gate Car Park and Queensway Car Park. Park securely and join us for just a short stroll.

Hotels Near Notting Hill

If you’re eyeing an extended getaway, Notting Hill is your go-to spot with its many luxe and convenient accommodation options. Explore the unique charm of each hotel and kickstart your delightful experience way before you even set foot in our centre.

  • The Laslett: Nestled in the enchanting Pembridge Gardens, The Laslett offers a stunning blend of timeless British elegance and modern luxury. Enjoy an unforgettable experience as you enjoy our meticulously designed rooms and savour exquisite cocktails at our vibrant bar.
  • The Portobello Hotel: An epitome of bohemian chic, The Portobello Hotel, situated on Stanley Gardens, exudes the lively essence of Notting Hill. Its iconic suites boast stunning views of private gardens and a storied past of hosting celebrities, establishing itself as an unparalleled sanctuary of luxury.
  • The Notting Hill Residences: Situated on Ladbroke Road, The Notting Hill Residences offers a perfect fusion of cosy comfort and refined hotel elegance. The meticulously crafted serviced apartments provide guests with the luxury of spaciousness, complemented by thoughtfully selected amenities and a delightful kitchenette.

Incall & Outcall Massage Services

Dive into a world of relaxation and pleasure at Lux Tantric Notting Hill, where we deeply understand the personal essence of your search for tranquillity and joy.

We’re here to craft an exclusive massage experience, just for you, with our bespoke incall and outcall services, perfectly aligned with your individual tastes.

Incall Services

Enter a world of luxury in our Notting Hill apartment, a sanctuary designed just for you. We’ve poured our hearts into creating a space where tranquillity meets luxury, ensuring every detail, from the calming atmosphere to the plush furnishings, is perfect.

Experience personalized relaxation with our expert masseuses, who specialize in crafting unique experiences that speak directly to your body’s relaxation and indulgence needs.

Outcall Services

Craving the luxury of a spa day without leaving the comfort of your home? Our exclusive outcall service brings the unparalleled Lux Tantric Notting Hill experience to your doorstep.

Whether you’re basking in the opulence of a luxury hotel or the cosy privacy of your Notting Hill home, our expert masseuses will arrive ready to turn your space into a haven of tranquillity and bliss.

Reserving Your Tantric Massage Session

Explore a world of unmatched luxury and tranquility with your very own session at Lux Tantric Notting Hill, where every touch promises unforgettable pleasure.

Enter our exquisite retreat, meticulously designed for those seeking an escape to blissful relaxation and deep pleasure. Let our dedicated team guide you seamlessly through the booking process, offering a personalized experience that starts the moment you contact us.

Types of Body To Body & Tantric Massage we offer


Tantric massage in Notting Hill