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Luxury Tantric Massage Techniques for Relaxation and Sensual Pleasure

Luxury tantric massage is incredible for relaxing and experiencing sensual pleasure. Letting ourselves get lost in sensual pleasure is a beautiful way of escaping the world for a little while and not worrying about a thing. But what is luxury tantric massage, and what are some techniques you can do at home to achieve this blissful state? We will share some simple techniques to experience relaxation and sensual pleasure whenever possible.

What is Luxury Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is rooted in the ancient Indian tradition of Tantra. This tradition uses various texts, theories, techniques, and practices that culminate in a spiritual practice that celebrates the wholeness of a human. It has evolved into many forms and has become entwined with yoga, sex, and massage. To understand the techniques we will share with you, it’s essential to know where tantra comes from and how its origins influence those techniques.

Luxury tantric massage infuses many of the theories and techniques into a “regular” massage. It elevates the practice of massage to something special with unique qualities. Tantric massage is a full body massage but includes things like deep breathing, synchronised breathing, sometimes mantras, and encouragement of bodily energies to flow. Not only are your muscles taken care of, but your entire being has been attended to in a different, luxurious way. Tantric massage ignores no part of the human body and encourages sensuality to be a part of this beautiful experience.

Luxury Tantric Massage Isn’t Sex

Some people confuse tantric massage with tantric sex. While luxury tantric massage has sensual elements and embraces the whole body by massaging every part of it, it isn’t intercourse at all. Luxury tantric massage encourages sexual and sensual energy to flow through the body, but the end goal isn’t orgasm or penetration. The goal is to experience all facets of relaxation and sensual pleasure that a human is capable of experiencing. It’s healing, relaxing, and pleasurable all at once. It can feel erotic and seductive, but it just isn’t sex.

Build Trust and Intimacy With Your Partner

Luxury tantric massage is a lovely way to help your partner to relax at home. This message can be very intimate and bring you closer together. By being vulnerable with each other, you build trust and intimacy. Even just the act of taking the time to give a tantric massage and setting up the space to do so will mean a lot to your partner. It means you are thinking about them and care about their actions. Your partner will genuinely value your effort in giving them a luxury tantric massage.

Help Your Partner Heal

Because tantric massage is so intimate and vulnerable, you must know that you may release pent-up emotions in your partner as you massage them. This may manifest as crying or even an orgasm. Remember that this part of luxury tantric massage will help your partner feel better. Let them release whatever emotions they need to let go of through the massage and be present to witness them. Don’t comment on the physical reaction – keep going and lead them through the emotional expression. This is a precious gift you can give your partner, and one you should be aware of that can happen during a luxury tantric massage.

Preparing For a Luxury Tantric Massage

One of the most important things to do for a luxury tantric massage is to prepare the space you will give it in. You want a warm, relaxing environment that invites your partner to relax. Think about soft sheets, lit candles, and soft music. You can use a high-quality massage oil in their favourite scent. Setting the mood will help invite the correct energies into the space as you prepare. You want to think soft, sensual, relaxing, and refreshing rather than sexual and arousing. That’s for a different time and place. Focus on things that make your partner feel good, and forget about the world outside your bedroom.

Breath Together For a Moment

Breathwork is such an essential element of luxury tantric massage. It’s vital to incorporate the technique into the massage. Before your partner strips, take a moment to stand or sit facing each other. Do a few deep breaths in tandem. This will help settle any nerves and create an intention of trusting and caring for your partner. You don’t need to do many, perhaps three or four, but look into your partner’s eyes while you do it. You want to create a moment of centring and focus on each other. Let everything else melt away. You’re here, present together, and going to have a relaxing and sensual experience together.

Start Your Massage Slow

Luxury tantric massage isn’t something that you should rush. Take your time from beginning to end. Let your partner get comfortable before you start. Use plenty of massage oil and begin massaging their neck and shoulders. We carry a lot of tension and stress in these areas, so spending time taking care of them is essential. It also stimulates blood flow and feels good. You want your partner’s muscles to warm up and soften under your touch before you move on to the next part. Spend extra time on any knots you feel, gently working them out of the muscle. If it hurts too much, move on to somewhere else. Remember, this is about sensual pleasure, not pain.

Luxury Tantric Massage Stroking Techniques

Since luxury tantric massage is about relaxation and sensuality, you want to use longer strokes. Put your hands flat on their body and push down and away from yourself. Vary the pressure as the massage goes on. You can use your fingertips on knots to gently work them out. Use the heel of your hands for a deeper kind of pressure. Also, use your body weight to create that deeper pressure and not just your hands. This will help you give an excellent massage for longer. And, of course, listen to what your partner asks for, more or less.

You want to slowly work your way down the body from the neck and shoulders, back, buttocks, legs, then feet. Don’t neglect the arms and hands, either! Do each stroke 3-5 times before moving on to the next section of the body. Add more oil as you go – you want to keep the massage frictionless. Take your time, this isn’t a race, and you want your partner to feel attended to, not like a chore.

Moving to the Front of the Body

When you’ve massaged the whole back of your partner, encourage them to flip over so you can rub their front. You’ll start in the same pattern – neck and shoulders before moving down the body. Keep using the same kinds of movements as before, paying attention to how your partner responds. Don’t avoid any areas of the body. Massage their chest just like you massaged their back. This is part of the sensual pleasure that luxury tantric massage brings. You can gently massage the genitals, but there are some special techniques we’re going to share for that area. As you work your way down the front of their body, linger in spots that make them feel good and avoid pushing any pain points. Relaxation and pleasure is the name of the game.

Keep Your Partner Breathing

Remember how we mentioned breathwork is an integral part of tantra? It’s no different during a luxury tantric massage. Encourage your partner to take slow, deep breaths here and there, especially when you’re working on anything tender or sore. You want them to push out that energy and let healing energy flow into their body. Breathe with them if it helps them stay focused. Don’t let them stiffen up; hold their breath if you can help. Stop massaging the tender spot, get them breathing, and move on to another part of their body.

What Are Lingam and Yoni Massages?

There are two exceptional luxury tantric massages for the genital regions. These aren’t ancient practices and are referred to as neo-tantric, but they use the same guiding principles. Lingam massages are for the penis and testicles, while a yoni massage is for the labia and vagina. Just like the luxury tantric massage, the purpose of these massages isn’t orgasm but to encourage blood and energy flow. A lingam or yoni massage may cause an orgasm, but it shouldn’t be seen as bad if your partner doesn’t. They should enjoy your sensual pleasure and not worry about any goalpost.

Luxury Tantric Lingam Massage Techniques

A lingam massage isn’t a handjob. It isn’t a few strokes of the penis and rubbing the testicles. It should be approached with care and intention, like a full-body massage. Use your hand to gently massage each part, cupping and rubbing rather than sexually stroking. You want to encourage energy and blood flow rather than focusing on giving your partner an erection. Use your hands and fingertips to massage each part of the area slowly, and use plenty of massage oil. Guide your partner through some deep breathing as you give the lingam massage. They’ll be feeling the sensual pleasure in no time.

Luxury Tantric Yoni Massage Techniques

Massaging a yoni is very similar to a lingam in that it’s not about the orgasm but about sensual pleasure, blood, and energy flow. You want to massage the area with your whole hand or fingertips gently. Again, remember that this isn’t about sexual pleasure but about encouraging emotional releases, relaxation, and sensual pleasure. You can massage the entrance to the vagina and even inside it if your partner is okay with that. Use firm, slow strokes to massage the walls for a moment. And keep your partner breathing. Sometimes a hand on their chest or holding their hand can remind them. Get them breathing in sync with you.

Wrapping Up a Luxury Tantric Massage

As you approach the end of giving your partner their luxury tantric massage, please encourage them to take a few deep breaths with you. Drape a blanket or sheet over their body to help them stay warm. Please take a moment to put the massage oil away and fetch them a water bottle. This wind-down time might be good for snuggling together if your partner wants to be held. Some people like to have sex afterwards. What matters is that it makes both of you feel good and relaxed. Keep the idea of sensual pleasure at the forefront of your mind as you wrap things up, and you’ll do just fine.


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